Saving Xena

Saving Xena is about 3 bunnies: Tom and his brother Jack, and Xena. Tom and Xena are engaged to be married but Jack is jealous and he kidnaps Xena and takes. Tom needs to save Xena; however, Xena is not your typical damsel in distress, she plays a very active role in her rescue.

Saving Xena is a super cool puzzle game. The maps start off easy and become really difficult as the story progresses.

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Create Your Own Maps

Create your own maps and challenge your friends, and the world. Your maps will be featured under Community Maps and ranked by difficulty and coolness.

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Competition of Wit

Saving Xena is the ultimate test of wit, allowing you to compete against your friends and when you are ready you can compete against other pro gamers worldwide.

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Cutscenes - Just the Beginning

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