BrightMind Studios is developing the next generation of Social Gaming and we’re going head to head with social gaming giants: Rovio, Zynga and King. Our game, Saving Xena, is cross-platform, cross-device and cross-genre. A businessman can play the Pro Genre of our game and Game On live with his daughter who’s playing the Bunny Genre and with his son who’s playing the Sci-Fi Genre. Friends can Game On together regardless of platform, device or genre. Who will be the next market leader? It is a close call but the consumer will decide.


Saving Xena is a Mass Market Freemium Product, and will initially be launched on Facebook, AppStore and Google Play. Saving Xena’s target market (social gamers) is 500+ Million gamers in size. Considering the demographics of numerous Facebook games, Saving Xena is expected to have a 66% female / 33% male audience initially. The second release (Sci-Fi) is expected to have a 20% female / 80% male audience. The game is for all ages and the difficulty ranges from easy to insanely difficult.


Saving Xena will take the market by storm through carefully selected mass media partners and strategic alliances/affiliations with High Traffic Websites; Saving Xena is in high demand by modern day Web Content curators. Advanced partnerships could involve co-branding the game and promoting it under a brand like: The Croods by DreamWorks Animation. 

The game’s extraordinary Social Marketing capabilities will come into play once its user base has been established through asserted marketing efforts.

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