Social 360

Game On with All Your Friends, Anytime, and Anywhere.

BrightMind Studios is developing Social 360, the future of social gaming. Gone are the days where you can only game on with some of your friends, some of the time. Social 360 means you can Game On with your friends regardless of platform or device, you can Game On with your friends even if their taste in gaming is different from yours. Social 360 = Cross Platform + Cross Genre.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform is about making a game work seamlessly on all major platforms, and linking all these platforms, allowing you to Game On with all your friends regardless of platform.

Cross Genre

People like different things, different flavours, different genres. Your friends play different games. To allow you to Game On with all your friends, we release the same game in different genres and we link the genres. Now Bella can play the Bunny Genre and Game On with Tom who's playing the Sci-Fi genre.

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