Cross Genre

People are different. People like different things, different flavours, different genres. This is wonderful and really makes the world interesting but at the same time we have a bit of a situation. Bella likes playing a game in a bunny genre, but her friend Tom prefers Sci-Fi games; they really want to play the same game together but their taste in games is quite different.

To allow Bella and Tom to play the same game together, we create different genres of the same game. It is the same game, but the look & feel is different.

In the past you could only Game On with half your friends but BrightMind Studios is bringing an end to this. In this new era of social gaming, you can Game On with all your friends, regardless of their taste in gaming, regardless of the genre of game they like to play.

Bunny Genre

This is the first of 3 planned genres, a real family genre appropriate for all ages. The Bunny Genre is about a bunny called Tom who saves his fiancee, Xena, from his evil brother, Jack. Note well, there is a twist, Xena is not your normal damsel in distress.

Sci-Fi Genre

This genre is next in line, and will come with everything our Sci-Fi fans love, futuristic design, machines, science and explosions. This genre is aimed at guys.

PRO Genre

The PRO Genre is abstract and highly sophisticated, targetting professionals and intellectuals. This genre is very intesting as it allows a businessman to Game On with his son who's playing the Sci-Fi genre or with his daughter who's playing the bunny genre.

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